It’s been days since the last time I recorded my life. And at last I decided to tell something in English.


Over some of the days, I just PSed, PSed and PSed again. Being overwrought that we ( me and Fishi) finished our work belatedly, we found ourselves over-lighted that Kenya even did not realize we had uploaded our works onto FTP. Life is full of surprises. Before we get to know them, they’ve been already there.


What was more in these days, I cut my hair again. Well, this has actually never been talked in anybody’s daily record. The outcome of the haircut was just fine, but the way the barber did it was really weird. He did it like he was peeling an apple. No order or anything regular done when he cut my hair, ‘but the world became even after the storm with no one hurts or missed.’ Momo had her hair cut too, and she looked much prettier. Telling the truth, she cannot be prettier all the way. But sometimes, compliments help people feel better. Especially, in the days we are getting older and older.


Then it came to yesterday. Actually, we had nothing special yesterday, in spite of Xinjiang Panda’s ignorance of PS. But the evening and the night was a great time. Me, Momo, Beulah and Beibei had a great talk on the net, and everybody had their spaces! When girls’ talking becomes such kind of literature and the discussions about it, the end of the world is coming, for gossiping is aboveboard. Say ending, something special really rushed into my mind. That is, if ever I have to be drowned in some sort of liquid, I wish it would be Coca Cola! Whatever, we will get informed even in the vacations because of this kind of literature.


Finally, it is today. We all got up early and went for the class of Dr. Three Lights. He is really comic and dramatic. I guess maybe he got something like souvenir-collecting-lust. He knows every material, can tell them apart and recall all of their coming. What was cuter, he could tell us everything with a big, ingenuous and dramatic smile on his face. And his big stupid ball is just like his home. A scientific crank lives in his own strange world!


So much for now. I’ve got enough. If there are any questions, please consult what others recorded in their spaces. I am going back to being submerged again! See you later!


2 responses

  1. 尤拉


    November 23, 2005 at 8:18 am

  2. wenjing


    November 24, 2005 at 9:14 am

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