What a time ever since yesterday’s afternoon!

Yesterday, after the good news that Xinjiang Panda would not give the lesson in the afternoon, we were in the preparation of Afra’s Birthday Chafing Dish Party. After 2 hours of five-people shopping, the delicious feast begun. I should claim here that there are no dainties capable to be compared with the ice-cream cakes in the intermission of the chafing dishes. The feeling of the sweet ice-cream, butter and cheese melting on the hot-numbed tongue is magic! And the atmosphere that eight people sitting around was really warm!

After everybody was full, we turned our interest to the movie. The movie collected by Beibei was called ‘The Curse of Lola’, which had been considered as a horrible movie. However, unfortunately, it was no more than a movie for us to laugh at and mimed the actor’s accent! Afra suddenly felt sort of resentment to our bathroom and cleaned up everything there. As it was Thanksgiving Day yesterday, I guess we should first thank the chafing dishes to make her in such a diligent way!

The coolest part of yesterday was watching the dance battle again. Beulah and Momo tried imitating those hot dances hard and guess what? They danced as if they were shocked by high-tension currunt from time to time. Especially, they did the most famous ‘ Burden Dance’——(负担Dance.  I just hope Crystal do not delete what is in her mobile phone!

And then it comes to this morning. Me and my Crystal, we went to see Harry Potter! Admittedly saying, Harry Potter 4 is better than the third one. More amazing scenes, more attractive spots and more mature boys and girls. So I have to say that I am awaiting the fifth as the story was really worthy to anticipate.

After the tourism of the magic world, we went to Pizza Hut to buy a take-out pizza. Pizza is always great! Though it has little trophic value, it is tasty to eat! In the sunshine, we ate and felt the leisure of the afternoon. So sometimes I just pray that everyday could be like this……….

I realized that I did not have a title to this article. Since it was Thanksgiving Day yesterday, I decided to name it as ‘ Of thanks’ to give my thanks to all the people and God to give me such two good days!



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  1. 尤拉


    November 25, 2005 at 7:09 am

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    November 25, 2005 at 9:36 am

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    November 25, 2005 at 9:42 am

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