I’ve never been so chasing after someone. I do be a fan of some people, but I promised myself not to do anything out of line. However, Mr.Venturi, a big man who was thought to be already expired, gave me the chance to break my own ban.

It was only about 2:15 when I, Momo and Sherry came to the lobby of the auditorium. We all thought that there would be seats that others had taken for us. But then we realized we were totally wrong. Actually, there were only two seats left and there were three outside. After struggling, Sherry and Momo successfully got through the door, but I was blocked by the guard. If, ever there would be no others with me outside, I would prefer to going rather than exerting myself to get into the auditorium. However, at the very moment I wanted to give up, Beulah was coming.

I should say: Beulah was the one who encouraged me back into the drastic battle. We tried at different entrances again and again. In this period, we saw big scenes. A girl student who claimed that her bag was still in the auditorium cried as if she was hysteric. The guard, I bet he had never seen such a heartrending cry and had nothing to do but let her get in. All the others just wondered if it was a trick or a real explosion of emotion. And we immediately reinstate in the situation of breaking in. A little while later, Sun Weiwei, our beautiful and young lady teacher came, following Wang Zhu. After they succeeded in getting through the packed students outside, Sun was clutched by the guard. Though for times and sincerely she claimed that she was teacher, the guard grasped her tightly and pulled her out of the doorway. What was more, our bestial guard even said coldly:’ A teacher, you?’ I really did not know at that time what he was thinking about, maybe in his opinion, the younger and the prettier the girl looked, the less the possibility of she being a teacher was. Nevertheless, I really did know at that time what Miss Sun was thinking about, she could never be sorrier for her young-looking face for her whole life. Of course, finally Wang Zhu told the guard Sun’s capacity to let her get in. We wanted to follow them. But we should have known that they would not be so painstaking to take two strangers with them though in some cases we are not strangers.

How we got in was still a mystery. Actually, it was a popular sentiments all wanted to get in. And there was no fastness that could never be conquered. So we finally infiltrated by taking advantage of the guard’s unpreparedness. Almost all the seats had been taken when we got in and Beulah and I had to sit on the footstep. In the next one hour, we just sat and watched the new battles between the students and the guard. But when it came closer to the lecture, the line of defense of the guards seemed void. And groups of students fluxed in. The guards at last knew what they had ever done was really bootless.

We spent a century’s time to get in, and we spent another two centuries to struggle with our sitting posture. If feeling boring about the lecture on the sit, you can sleep; but if on the ground, you can only change the posture. Mrs.Venturi was a great woman who took the place of her never-ill husband when he was in the hospital for his diarrhea, and we were great as we bore the coldness and hardness of the ground for almost two and a half hours.

The story ended with Mr.Venturi’s at last coming and telling something though weakly. And what I knew was that I never had a fatiguing lecture.


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