For so many days, I have got no story to tell. Days passed by just as there was only time existing in the world and nothing more important than just spending the time in a meaningful way. However, after the peaceful period, we all have exciting things to do and to tell. In addition, sometimes, this sort of things is dramatic and ridiculous.

Today, in the morning, about the time I just woke up myself, there was a call for Minnow. In the past years, there were many calls in the morning and most of them were for her. Some of them were disturbing, while others were just meaningless. For example, someone called someday at about seven o’clock for asking Minnow to make a false call to her in which Minnow had to pretend to be a employer from a big company and urged her to attend the recruit examination on that Saturday, on which that the caller’s classmates would go on a excursion that she did not want to attend. Hence, today’s call did not give us anybody any surprise as people like calling in the morning, particularly those who had been working in the office. However, this call made me a special journey this evening for Minnow and me.

The call was from Minnow’s mother’s ex-classmate who gave his son’s name as Yueyu, which means to get beyond Minnow. Actually, this guy had a mental aberration because Minnow’s mother had been always better than he had in her student age. Moreover, this resentment then became a revenge showing on his son’s name.  Unfortunately, God always jested on those people who are excessively serious about something: his son never reached the goal his father gave him as his name on the day he was born. Minnow, as she is the heroine in this story was always the better one. In addition, what was more important, today’s call was a distress call.

I guess it should be very hard for that father to wait for anther five minutes to call again as Minnow was still in her bed. And after the little time given to Minnow to wake up herself and get down from her bed, the phone rang again. This time was Minnow’s turn to answer that call and got the point that the father was very anxious about his destined son, as he had lost the connection with him for almost a week. What was worse, no matter what time he called his son’s telephone in his room, there was no answer at all. Thus, the mission Minnow got from her mother’s ‘foe’ was to find his son.

Under any circumstances, I think I should at least give a short introduction of this boy, of which the name and the allusion in it are only a part. This boy student, B.M. (beyond Minnow), is now a junior in our university too who majors in Statistics. As everybody should know that, students for these subjects such as Mathematics and Statistics spend most of their time in classrooms or library than in their dormitory. And B.M. is nothing special but a common Statistics student who recently lost his cell phone and got no new one and spends less than 300 RMB per month.

For Minnow, to worry about such a guy was bootless as he might just study too hard to give his father a precious call. Whereas for B.M’s father, never hearing about his loving son for a week is a bigger event more than anything in the world. Therefore, Minnow had to at least try to finish the mission given to her though she had spent the whole morning to get through an angle who lost his one wing and the whole afternoon in library.

After dinner, I followed Minnow to go to where the missing one lives to see what was going on and what I could do to help her. At the very beginning, Minnow just wanted to give a small piece of paper to the custodian of the dormitory on which there lie her small words. But when we got there, we found out that the dormitories in Ziyun were controlled by automatic system and there was no custodian for every building. Sometimes, it was no big deal to get into boy’s dormitory building especially what you want to do is a good thing. We followed someone into the building very easily and found the room where the missing one lives. There was someone in it…

Minnow did not want to get in. Neither did me. Thus, we decided to give the message in an ‘espionage’ style just as blackmailing someone. After stucking secretly in movement but publicly in action the small paper, I gave two heavy knocks on the door. In such a hurry we wanted to run, we escaped without assuring that someone picked up the message.

      The mission impossible at last was accomplished in operation, but not in fact. I hoped that the missing ‘beyond Minnow’ could return to the world for a while, no matter he would or not finish his mission impossible, we all had suffered one.




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    December 8, 2005 at 8:56 am

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    December 9, 2005 at 8:25 pm

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