So this is Christmas again. Though forgetting what ever happened in the past three Christmas, this Christmas is really fortunate enough to be recorded and seen by others.

Getting up as late as about 11 o’clock, watching the world outside little gloomy and cloudy, another Christmas Eve began. Actually, I was relatively sure about I would do nothing as we all were expecting tonight’s Christmas dinner. Open up my dear notebook and completed reading the novel ‘ Murder in Mesopotamia’. Bear suggested me play something for the occasion, and I chose ‘ Another year has gone by’. This song, for years, is which I did not really enjoy, because, maybe too stupid, the song itself was just too happy to play in some occasions. Or saying, not every Christmas is as great as we all expected it to be. However, listening this song this morning, I felt it was really for the moment, though it was not for the whole day and all the people. 

After one hour ‘morning’, Momo and I went to lunch. During the meal, I was really worrying about Momo’s poor stomach, which might be really awkward. Actually, she looked really terrible, for whatever me, my meal or hers. But all in a word, I realized she could not eat too much for dinner.

The afternoon was filled with a movie we all expected to see. Kaikai have loaded it by Emule, Bear finally broke many of her softwares to fix it but failed.  So this movie, despite the awards it has won, is really precious to us. Momo, Kaikai, Bear and I thus began to enjoy it as soon as the first half was downloaded.  Certainly, there was Worm who had just suffered CET 4 this morning watching the movie also, and struggling whether she should take CET 6 this afternoon.  When waiting impatiently for the second half, Worm received a ‘bad’ call which took her home. In fact, what was not good was not that call but the news it brought.  I thought it should not be proper to talk about the bad news here, but we all feel sorry for Worm.

Then the dinner began with eight people present, Beibei, Momo, Pinkpink, Di, Bear, Kaikai, Minnow and me. The atmosphere was not that good as there should have been Worm and Chrystal. But considering them too, one was celebrating something, the other was grieving over something, and we had to have a good dinner at least for their sakes. The dishes, I have to admit now was great, and the restaurant was terrific. Everything seemed to be wonderful except the two one’s absence and Momo’s stomach which seemed better when eating the crab.  After the ride given by the driver Beibei called, we were all back to our dormitories. And others were surely sent to where they lived. A great dinner we planned days ago seemed over.

Christmas, for Chinese, is never a big day. Though we youth want to make it as a big matter, we always fail. We do not have enough time to plan and to celebrate. Just like the electricity in our dormitory will be cut off in less than a hour as usual, there are always some people ignoring this western holiday, no matter what it means to those people on the other side of the world. For us, Christmas is a reason, to have a big dinner, to have a good mood, to send blessings and to receive them. However, even for these simple purposes, why not has Christmas, and why not celebrate it?  No matter what it is and what it will be, we just want something good material or spiritual for ourselves and for the ones beloved. Even sometimes not everything is good, we still believe in it. ‘So this is Christmas, and what have we done. Another year over, a new one just begun.’

So this is Christmas……. May God bless us have a merry one!


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    December 25, 2005 at 12:25 am

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