Figuring out that I haven’t written my blog in English for a long time, I decided to write what happened in the past few days in my second language. This winter vacation for me is a really good one, because I have no more classes to go, and I can spend more time on playing and hanging out!

Last Sunday, which is a rather warm day, Shirley and I went to Ikea. Ikea is a good place for people to buy some simple but well designed furniture, for example table lamp with three wheels. Shirley has certain resentment to Ikea since the day she began her university life, just like my resentment to HZ railway station! Just kidding! Whatever, Shirley likes going to Ikea while I had never been there before.

There is a long way to go from where I live to Ikea. I had to take 716 to the crossroads near my high school to meet Shirley, and then we two took another bus to the subway station to take the underpass to Jishuitan and took Bus 104 to Ikea. Unfortunately, my new shoes seemed to cooperate badly with my feet, and it made me feel really painful to walk for such a long time.

Ikea is going to move now and many things are being sold on sale. Shirley bought a lot of gadgets such as a green table lamp and a bigger red one with three wheels, which I have mentioned just now, bulbs, cup cushions and so forth. She seemed to have a great plan of what she needed. However, on the opposite, I bought nothing because I needed nothing. It only took about two hours of us to buy things right before we went to McDonald’s for lunch.

After lunch, for still having the resentment that I did not buy anything yet, I suggested we go to audio-visual world which is located between Sogo and Xidan. What was a big pity was that I still did not buy anything in that shop because there was no Celine’s French Collection imported from Sony and Enya’s Amarantine was sold out. Enya should be very pleased as in China, a far away country for her; there were lots of fans supporting her. Though few people here really love her music, there are many among them regarding her as sort of top grade.

Shirley and I separated at about 4 o’clock. She took two big bags with her home, and I returned to the audio-visual shop waiting for my parents to pick me up. Buying things meant really little for me that day. Actually, the most important thing for me in a winter vacation is that I can feel free all the time.

Well yesterday, my father and I went to BJ zoo together. The zoo has always been a place very interesting for me. When I was a little girl, the best place for my parents took me to on Saturdays or Sundays was BJ zoo. What was rarer, my father, surprisingly, had a good mood in going to the zoo with me!

The zoo in winter is cold not only in temperature, but also in atmosphere. For forgetting to take my student card, I spent ten more bucks to get my ticket. BJ has changed a lot since the day I left for university; nevertheless, the zoo has changed little. All the animals stayed where they used to stay in, and I even found the puma which was resemble to the one I saw last time, which was about 5 or 6 years ago.

Amazingly, all the animals seemed very alive. Tigers roared low and deeply, pacing up and down in the small cage. It is really strange that winter is the off season of a zoo if all the animals are more likely to be active. Hearing tigers roaring became my resentment since I was a child because under most cases, they just slept there without paying any attention to the tourists.

The other thing I found in this visit to the zoo is that my affinity to the animals was getting much less. Except one deer would like to come close to me for some extra food, most animals went away when seeing me. At such moments, I suddenly understood what growing up meant something else. That was even animals looked you as a possible danger instead of a lovely child. The threats of an adult are more easily to be sensed by animals. When someone clearly realizes that she or he will no more want to touch those animals, growing up has taken place already. What is not worst, I still have sort of loving and sympathy emotion to those caged animals despite their liking me or not. And I hope I can keep this tender feeling for a longer time.

My father and I did not stay too long in the zoo. But most species there had been visited. Though I do not know if it will sound funny that the place recalls my memory is a zoo, I would like to keep the scene of a lesser panda walking with a rolling gait in my mind during the whole free winter vacation.   


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    January 25, 2006 at 8:49 am

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    January 26, 2006 at 6:18 am

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