It’s been days that I’m totally addicted to Veronica Mars, a high school detective American Play. The girls in it are really cool, especially Veronica Mars. She seems to know everything, and is able to handle everything. Around her, there are the richest students, the worst ones and most talent ones. Even the teacher has to admit her point ‘life is a bitch’. Sounds really a maxim! Well, the best of her is not that her stylish dresses, but she can have an incredible schedule which allows her not only has a lot of time for study but also check on trivial clues to find big or small truths helping others and herself. And this schedule is the one I eagerly want.

In most cases, to invite a high school classmate to your university is not a big deal. However, when you are a student of architecture who has a tight schedule, a kind invitation might be a nightmare. Actually, in winter vacation, I shouldn’t have mentioned that I welcomed every one to come to ZJG for a visit. Actually, if it goes to Shirley, everything can be done as smoothly as it should be. But now I have a visitor, LC. From time to time, boys blame about girls is troublesome. Yet they never find themselves can be worse. Even till now, I can not make sure whether LC would like to come, he has no proper time and no money. Well, maybe he thinks that I am expecting for his coming, but to be honest, he is no more than just a visitor who is not that familiar with me. Sometimes I just want to tell him: Hey, who actually I am expecting for is Shirley! And so are Bear and Minnow!

Veronica Mars now, according to the 16th episode, has a big case to do: searching the lost parrot of the pirates. As a reward, she can have some special rights such as a recommendation letter and two times of cutting classes and a personal good cabinet. Sometimes I just wish I was her who is gifted on the aspect of detective and luckily, my chancellor asked me to find a mascot or amulet for our great university. And I would ask him give me more!

Ok, back to the point! In fact, LC wanted to come in April, my busiest month. In that month, I will have to complete my design first and they go back to Beijing for my next computer-based writing test! Damn it! His schedule was free when it is the mid of the April when I am pressing to death by lots of things! Even he now decides not to come at that stupid time, he seems to be not that welcomed anymore. On one hand, he may bring anther two girls who will be big troubles for me as I have to take them to some traditional places and make them not starve or tired as well. On the other hand, LC himself is also a big problem. He never says yes to Shirley which means of transportation he would like to take and when the trip starts. Much worse, he orders about Shirley as his personal secretary! What I used to think about was that he could help with carrying packages. But now I can only expect the opposite!

All in a word, never invite someone that unfamiliar and agreeable and troublesome rashly. See what I am doing now: being the megaphone of LC and Shirley, comforting Shirley’s broken heart and persuading LC for changing his mind about the miracle of low-priced tickets. Or you have a free-to-change schedule to be visited at anyone’s will!


4 responses

  1. wenjing


    March 15, 2006 at 10:03 am

  2. Nuonuo

    I wanna see Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!!!

    March 16, 2006 at 9:53 pm

  3. shirley


    March 22, 2006 at 7:02 am

  4. Bo


    March 29, 2006 at 3:42 am

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