I told you so!!

Through my whole life up to today, I have hated such a saying : I told you so, especially when the person who says this never really told me the so-called “so”.

However, you know what, actually everybody tells others the “so” what they actually do not know and make it as sure as the gospel and till something bad happens they say “I told you so” which is actually another “so”.  So if next time I think we should understand this “I told you so” as “I didn’t tell you so, but I think you’d have known that I meant so”.

I screwed up everything today, and I found I don’t need to be that hurry. I tried hard to meet the deadline and I sent all that terrible written portfolios to those schools and guess what, , and someone just said that you shouldn’t have done that for she just heard a piece of unclear news said by me that some schools just wouldn’t close at the so called deadlines.

I know that this person is having a kind of luck, but please don’t say “I told you so”. For God’s sake, I am a honest person, you really never said that. And for God’s sake again, I am a person who is easy-affected, but I never tell others in so vague style and give myself a chance to say “I told you so”. And if this person really wants to show herself a Miss Know-all, please, I am ignorant, I am nothing, this beautiful young lady!!

I have to claim that, the deadline for March 15 is for undergraduate applicants for U of O.


4 responses

  1. han


    January 21, 2007 at 7:10 am

  2. han


    January 21, 2007 at 7:13 am

  3. Nuonuo

    My mum said this to me thousands of time…
    I hate this sentence

    February 1, 2007 at 3:11 pm

  4. Tr.

    Welcome to come back!
    About me…..happy and busy…
    So, I come here to see you ,my firend~~~

    February 4, 2007 at 7:29 am

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