How horrible life can be? Though my life is still hanging there, a horror movie sometimes can just give a chance to take a break. Half Light is the first movie since my life became a mass two months ago. However, this movie, though not horrible or thrilling at all, is still worthy to see, and worthier to listen to.

Better than most of Chinese horrors which described in introductions so horrible but actually laughable, most of western horrors are through and through. And Half Light, for not heard of since it has been run for quite a long time, is not a good horror that can scare you to remember it, but can still touch you somehow.

 I bought it for Demi Moore, who is known by me only for Ghost. If I had never seen The Others and The Six Sense, Half Light might really scare me. But it brings in too many familiar stories so that I almost figured out the end from the beginning of the movie.

The story is about a 400-million-dollar novelist Rachael lost her 5-year-old son accidentally for forgetting to lock the back yard door to the river bank. She could not forgive herself and thus one year later, with her friend’s help, moved to a seaside house to start over. But unfortunately, it seemed that her son’s ghost never really went away, and he left hints in her small house and her dreams. Rachael was really anxious, and she thus went for a newly-met friend here, the light house keeper, Therese Bradley. However, this kind-hearted friend actually suicide seven years ago…. The whole story is in fact about betrayal and hatred and hopelessness caused by betrayal. The end of the story, which though I thought I could figure it out, at last still shocked me. It was not the sadness, but how unforgiveable betrayal is that makes me to feel astonished. Everyone in the story suffered the pain ever since and could hardly be rescued.

Brett Rosenberg gave the movie pieces of wonderful music. The music is a little sad but moving. Just like the pictures of the lighthouse standing on the beach of the sea. It expresses a feeling that one can know the answer in advance, but when it really comes, the answer is still out of expectation. And when the theme  came at the end of the movie, it seemed that Rachael finally knew that truths sometimes were not those truth-like parts in our lives, but we still had to accept them. And for this, she could sit in her yard beside the river where her son was drowned to rethink about her horrible experience.I still do not know why the name of the movie is Half Light though, this movie is a recommended movie. It tells a horrible story entangled with betrayal and hatred, but at the end love.


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